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Frankfurt Airport: Goodbye Family and Friends…and here I go to India with Air Asia.


That’s what happened in the plane: 7 hours no sleep, very miserable food but very nice indian neighbor. I talk with him a little bit and he looks at my as I was crazy to go to India all by myself.  Oh, well….

I don’t really bother because I already got a plan: Upon arrival in New Delhi I will get my train tickets at the main station and get a room at Parahanj which is the are next to the station. After a good nights sleep I will go to Rishikesh for the Yoga training.

I’m thinking, what if there will be masses of people at the airport when I arrive that keep bothering me?

Interestingly, the airport looks very modern, almost like in Germany. Everything so clean, at  8 am, almost no people. Even outside I’m quite shocked that there is nothing stressful about it.

But unfortunately, my first impression is disturbed by the first interaction with an indian from the airport. He rips me off with 400 rupees when I bought my train ticket to the city.

Another rip-off awaits me on the central train station. Some official person sends me away to the “official” tourist office in the city and explains that the main counter to buy tickets is closed because of construction. The guy from the office tells me that there are no train tickets available and wants to sell me a complete 7 weeks tour for my whole stay….I start laughing and I tell him that I only want to go to Rishikesh. Since I don’t fall for the whole package he tries to convince me that the only possibility to get to Rishikesh is via taxi which will cost me around 100€!? I can’t believe this bullshit and I call the Yoga Ashram. They tell me that it is possible to get a bus to Rishikesh.

I go back to Parahanj and get a room for 20€….which is of course, again, a rip-off. But I’m tired and stay there. I also book a night-bus from there for the next day.

Later, I’m taking a walk in Parahanj, which seems to offer a lot of very cheap accommodations for backpackers. I guess I just totally gloom like a newbie because I attract many indians that come up to me to get me into business with them. I start get more confident in turning their offers down. The good thing is, I look quite asian, they think I could be from the North or something. I’m sure, a blondy would have had bigger problems to get bothered than I do.

Then, I meet “Go Pal”, an Indian and Elias, a German. Both boys just came from an ashram for TM (transcendental meditation). I soak up everything they tell me about their experiences about self-awareness and meditation. Very interesting.

Then I chill out in central park, where I feel very secure. I even take a nap on the grass.That’s all to my first day.

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Ich vermisse Indien ja schon ein wenig. aber eher das Reisen an sich! <3

Bin gespannt, wie du es so in Indien findest! 🙂

Für mich war es eine kleine Herausforderung, denn ich war dort im indischen Sommer – also locker 40 ° C +

Hey Heike,

ich wünsche Dir eine coole Reise, eine schöne Zeit, interessante Begegnungen und drücke Dir die Daumen, dass du dein Plätzchen findest.


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