Foto by Miserable Man

Foto by Miserable Man

What to do in this vibrant city? Thank god I don’t even have to think about that. My personal travel guide made the best out of the few days in the big city.

There’s hardly anything better than having a person on your side that is not only a longterm traveller, but also travels with certain focus: food, people, music, art and always looking for the unspoiled culture to be found in places a normal tourist would not look (check his travel blog here). And since he is a bloody Italian, he knows one thing for sure, what is good food and where to look for it.


The great thing about Bangkok, you can get food at any time. After having such a bad jet lag coming from Italy (blogpost Italy), it was quite nice to suffocate over a rice soup with shrimps at 4:30 in the morning.

But there are many other Thai dishes that would go on my favorite list: Tom Yum Soup, Morning Glory, all sorts of Currys, fried Bananas, fried big noodles (not Pad Thai – that’s only for tourists), noodle soup, fresh herbs… the colors are just so amazing, the tastes are so different. I love love love Thai food, in restaurants on the street, it doesn’t matter. And since I don’t eat meat, they also have great vegan/vegetarian choices.

How to rest in Bangkok

I usually reject air-con in the tropics, it kills you coming from the wall of humidity into the cold. But in Bangkok there really is no way around it. Also, I learned from my lovely travel guide, it’s wise to cut the day in two: get up early in the morning, do activities until noon and go back to the room to skip the hot hours of the day. The second half starts at around 3pm when it gets cooler. This way you keep your energy and you enjoy the day like the locals do.

Khaosan Road

I was staying near Khaosan Road the Backpacker hotspot – far away from the noise but close enough to be in the crowd to feel the vibe if wanted. There are a lot of advantages to stay there. You have everything in walking distance, food, massage parlors, bars, many tourists attractions, shops…you don’t get bored. Oh, and dentists! I think it’s smart to go here and get proper teeth cleaning and maybe also a filling. They seem to be technically up-to date and half the price than Europe.

Khaosan Road is also very close to the river. And by the river you can get around the city by boat and see the beautiful sunset.

Massage, yes please!

After a 15 hour trip you definitely deserve a massage for 250 THB an hour (right now about 6,50€, the euro is going down unfortunately 1€ = 38 THB). It’s great to be insight, but really, I love the little massage places on the street. And I really like when they crack your back.

Kapun kap – Thank you!


Walking through the flower market is just like a drug for your eyes. I never seen so many flowers in my life. And they do these great flower crowns with it. Most of them go to the temples as offerings.

Bangkok is full of markets, the best ones are open on the week-end. We went to some here and there, for clothes (I managed to almost buy a pair of sunglasses) for art, for food (floating markets). But I can tell you, it’s exhausting.

And then there is Chinatown: what a nice trip from Khaosan by boat watching the sunset. Blinking lights everywhere, people, more colors, street food – definitely not to be missed.

Wanna be shocked? Check the Siriraj Medical Museum and Museum of Anatomy

If you have heard about “Körperwelten/Body works” it will go in this direction. Here, you see dead bodies conserved in liquid and exhibited in glass boxes. The creepy thing about is, they mostly show abnormalities, twins, genetic defects, pictures of killed people, a whole exhibition about the tsunami incident, illnesses and much more. I went to “Körperwelten” in Germany before and I was impressed. But here, it made my stomach twisted a little….definitely not for light-hearted people.

Indicated Photos by Miserable Man // for more stories/pictures check his travelblog


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