bridge in laxman jhula


My first point of interest is the spiritual city Rishikesh in the north of Delhi.

I booked the delux night bus to Haridwar and I planned to take a auto-ricksha for the last distance to Rishikesh. I paid 1000 rupees (80 rupees = 1€) but afterwards I found out that this was way to overpriced. It is possible to go by half of the price. Grrrr….

I got picked up at 8 pm from the hotel. The bus is way less comfortable than I thought… no air-con, but this is way better, I don’t like the cold. But driving with open window has a big disadvantage in india, sometimes you just have to deal with the bad smell from outside…yak!

I was the only tourist in the bus. It stopped a couple of times, but we got through quite quickly. Going north it got very cool, so I was very happy that I brought my fleece sweater.

Arrival was at 6 am in Hari—-no, in Rishikesh! I don’t know why the bus went all the way to Rishikesh, but okay, better for me!! I took a rickshaw to Laxman Jhula, a part of Rishikesh.

At the street, a very emphatic indian man is willing to bring me to the school by foot since it seems to be impossible to go by car…When we reached the school after 200m and then he started crying and talking about his sick mother. I can’t believe they tricked me again! I give him 80 rupees nevertheless. It’s still very early so I check in and go to sleep.

laxman jhula yoga peeth

Shiva Yoga Peeth ashram

Although this place seemed to be made for yoga mamas and other tourists it still obtains something magical with all the temples, fresh air, the mountains, the Ganges. Especially the bridge over the Ganges with view of the old temples, the free running cows, monkeys and mantras sounding from afar makes you dream a little.

My room is very simple, clean and enough for me. I live with some of the other students in the same hotel not very far from the ashram. I found new friends quickly and very happy to be here.

First day:Yoga Teacher Training

Einführungszeromonie Yoga

Opening ceremony

We meet at 7 am for the opening ceremony. Everybody gets a wrist band and a very heavy sweet nuts ball…the last sweet munchies for a while?!

Yoga Mittagessen


Breakfast is good, banana, pulp, yellow rice and bread. The teachers introduce themselves, we get books and all the information. They are seem to be very strict about the rules, no food outside, only sattvic food, no big actions, punctuality, no missing classes…strict dress code – no shoulders can be shown and no short pants. Okay I gotta go shopping…I make friends with Rebeca from Mexico, Diana from Portugal (she is also my neighbor). Everybody seems to be quite open and friendly.

Today we have our first Haha class with a very strict teacher, anatomy, (boring!) and meditation, where I struggled with falling asleep. Lunch and dinner was taken in silence…

Laxman Jhula

Ganges Laxman Jhula


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