For about 6 weeks I had been working on the first Miserable Man documentary. This documentary shows the busker’s life of musician Miserable Man and his encounters in india. The initial idea came from film maker and friend Tommaso Dolcetta (Akil) who was interested in the life of a travelling musician and the psychology of music on the streets in india. The concept of the movie made it into the last round of decision making for Red Bull TV. However, in the end it needed to be made on low budget. Two Cameras, one Sony alpha 7 and a Canon Mark III with 2 external microphones and several lenses were packed and we started off from Delhi.

The story follows the travel route of Miserable Man in the beginnings and even before his musical career.  For many years he was travelling in india, learned to speak hindi and became very close to the indian culture. We chased the many stories and memories as well as the music from his album with the same name ‘Postcards from india’. We travelled from the desert of Rajasthan, to the Portuguese influenced sea town of Diu to the heart of india and spiritual source of Varanasi to the metropole Kolkata.

During the shoots, we attracted many curios indians and spontaneously recorded many interesting interactions, musical performances and talks about life. The differences in culture and the similarities through the heart are played out by the music. You can be sure there is much of everything, loud and crazy india, spiritual india, kids, street performances and people who make you smile and touch your heart. The music and the joy connects us all.

The reason why I was part of this project came very spontaneously. I had been travelling with MM for a while now and I was just going to be travelling along until I  grabbed the second camera that was available. I never filmed before and I am not really a photographer but my footage was good enough to support with a second perspective. After a while, Tommaso and I became a good camera team to record all the ‘good stuff’ that happened.

I have to say, filming is tiring. I remember me being super attentive all the time, running around, getting into position and trying to freeze the camera while holding it with a heavy tripod on my hip. But I also loved the creative part of it, the right angle, the beauty and the excitement of having recorded the actual happening.

It’s interesting when you are on camera, you are giving your personal touch to the scene being recorded. You change the mood of a situation and cover it in some sort of emotion. You are very close, in the midst of the situation but again you are far away. You are the observer that can not interact with anything that happens. And then, you are not really there, because you look at the reality through the eyes of the camera. It’s a very funny aspect of it.

I think I can only really enjoy the moment when I see it later on the screen. I loved to do it and I learned much from it. But if I could choose, I’d rather stay in front of the camera and be part of the scene….as you can see with the africans from india. Here, I was invited to dance with them.

I am excited as the Movie Premier will be on September 17th during a festival in Vincenza, italy. I will be going there and I can’t wait to see our work on the big screen!

Here, are 5 clips from our shooting material:

Miserable Man official site

Miserable Man Travelblog

Movie Premiere: 17. September 2016, Festival Vincenza, Italy





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