Kolkata builings

If you could see the run-down world of the future, how would you imagine it to be? What I’ve seen in Kolkata/India comes pretty close to my imagination.  

After some amazing 3 weeks in Thailand getting to india felt like a punch in the face. Dusty, dirty, loud, crowded…it’s overwhelming. This is the shit and people cope with it everyday.

Really, if the Western World will be destroyed in the future, it could look like this. In the streets all life happens: the mama is cooking next to the urinal, a dog feeds his puppies under a car, a cow passes by shitting and not to a second passes without the roaring noise of Tuk Tuks and bikes. But Indians are hardly bothered. They even sleep in the midst of it. Hello India. I’m back again. (read the post from my first arrival in india)

Kolkata is one of the most unspoiled cities of India. Houses of the Common Wealth are fallen apart and overgrown with plants while the masses of the people take every space to live in. Off the busy streets, you still find quietness in hidden places. One of those places was the british cemetery and a park next to the river. I already knew, this was going to be a different visit of India. I will see the “real” India. Unlike my experiences last year in Rishikesh and Goa, I was not going to be around many tourists anymore. The good thing was, I was with Miserable Man who has been traveling in India for many years. He speaks Hindi and he knows the places, understands the people and culture very well. I felt comfortable and I was looking forward to this adventure. The next 2 months was going to be a tour in northern india. The main purpose of this was the shooting of the Miserable Man documentary.

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