Foto by Miserable Man

Photo by Miserable Man

“Delizioso, Buonissimo!” Only Italians can talk about more food while eating. 

After my summer in Greece and a short stop in Germany, I spent about a week in Veneto, North Italy. There is a reason why we find so many Italian restaurants all over the world. Italian food is just amazing! In the region of Veneto, you get Risotto, Polenta and very typical – Baccalà, a very dry salted cod. Very good stuff.

Anyway, I felt like I was spending the week eating. For breakfast there would either be pastries with great coffee (Italians don’t do big breakfasts) or appetizers with an aperitif right away. Then, you would leave for the market slightly tipsy to get more food for “later”. Lunch can be Pasta or Gnocchi at home, with some wine of course. And at night a proper Pizza (okay, I was really craving for it!) with more wine. The Italian trick is, try to get everything fresh and only use a few ingredients and very good olive oil.

Besides eating, I also had the chance to go to Venice. Miserable Man was playing at a very cute venue called Bacarando together with Giatamuta Giatà on percussions (from the band Café Touba). The good thing, the restaurant/bar had very good appetizers. So we just stuffed our faces as soon as we arrived. I was supporting with a shaker and I surprised the crowd with some dancing on a few tunes. I usually do it for fun, but also because I always get to eat with the musicians after the gig for free. 🙂

Well, it’s all about food… and food is love. Or what is the quote?

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.


Indicated Photos by Miserable Man // for more stories/pictures check his travelblog

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