I’m probably the most known place in the Philippines.

Because I am beautiful! The coral riffs around me brought me white sand which is almost as fine as flour. My beaches blend in with the clear blue waters and frame a panoramic picture you can show off at home. I can show you amazing red sunsets typically seen on the big „white beach“. Yes, I have all you want for your perfect vacation! I mean, if this is what you are looking for.

Once, I used to be a secret paradise-like place with rusty huts and few visitors. Nowadays, my beauty is not a secret anymore. I am the biggest tourist attraction of the Philippines! The masses usually come around december to february. They carry long sticks take pictures from themselves all day long on white beach. It’s become really hard to find a lonely spot.

Sometimes I feel quite agitated and I try to keep them away with a lot of rain during christmas and new years. But still, they come to see the big fireworks along the white beach. Alright, I have to admit, it is really some colorful visual entertainment. They just love the blinking lights! And then they go from bar to bar, eat expensive food in the restaurants, sleep in one of the many resorts, go clubbing, look for fun. And they surely find it at every corner! But watch out, not all the girls are what they seem to be!


Fair enough there is a lot going on here: parasailing, diving, golfing (yes, the shaved big parts of my head for a huge golf course!), kite surfing, partying…. you get the whole package in exchange of the lost natural beauty. But some things may never be lost.
I can offer some steady and strong wind on the other side, mainly hitting Bulabog beach. The kite surfing and windsurfing tourists really love me:
… up to 20-30 knots, shallow water, on-shore/side shore wind and schools directly on the beach, nice surfer vibe, perfect!
Only, this scene is not making too much profit for the island, so this kite surfing paradise comes with a little dark site. My whole digestion ends in the waters of Bulabog beach, five tubes of the island’s whole canalization. If you don’t surf, don’t bother and enjoy the white beach, but if you do, be prepared of some funny smell, be aware of open wounds, don’t swallow the water. This water may poison you, I’m sorry. If you go out to the reef more, you’ll be fine.




PS: here are some things about me to appreciate when you still do want to visit me:

Go kite surfing at Bulabog beach!


  • 9h course for 19.000 pesos (about 370€)
  • It really doesn’t matter where you go, the prices are the same everywhere and are not negotiable, but I would try to look for a school further away from the canalization tubes.
    e.g. ocean republic: rather small school at the northern end of the beach, with very good service and slingshot equipment.

Eat some western stuff

  • Timog restaurant (Bulabog Beach), very good pizza.
  • 2 Brown Boyz Bar (road to Bulabog beach), very good burger and thai salad but small portions
  • Aria restaurant and Aplaya Bar (white beach), very good but pricy italian food.
  • Lemon Cafe (Dmall), best pastries! Try the mango cake, brownies and chocolate balls!

Bars and Clubs

  • Exit Bar (white beach) around 11pm, all the surfers hang out there. Very alternative place with cheap alcohol and drums.
    Wahina Bar (Diniwid beach) on sundays.
  • Area 51 (Bulabog Beach), they organize parties every full moon, half moon…if you like electronic music it’s the place to be!

other Activities

  • take a stand up paddling tour on the rivers of Panay! Ask at Isla kite surfing school for information.

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