It was my third time in Goa. The first time, I stayed 2 weeks, the second 2 months and now it was going to be half a year. 

Digital Nomad – Starting a business

For 2 years I had been travelling, doing kitesurfing, Yoga and random jobs such as working on a prawns boat and filming for a documentary. But I always wanted to set up an online business that I could live off, wherever I was – a digital nomad.

So far, I was only a nomad.

In order to reach that goal, yet without a business idea, I was already networking within the digital nomad scene, even before I left Germany (DNX in Berlin). However, I never expected that this would happen with Metaphysics and never did I think I would team up with my friend Colin Power. I didn’t even know that he was studying and drawing Sacred Geometry for many years already, I only met him as a musician. However, my Goa trip last year changed that view of him immensely after I spent many weeks talking to him.

Out of these conversations the idea of In 2 Infinity was born.

In 2 Infinity: the study of Sacred Geometry

Ancient Cultures considered Sacred Geometry to be the blueprint of creation. Scientists and Philosophers such as Plato, Johannes Kepler and Leonardo DaVinci held Sacred Geometry at the core of their beliefs. Today, these concepts gain more and more importance in the New Age movement and in Fringe Science. A good example to mention would be cosmologist Nassim Haramein, who I got introduced to after seeing the documentary “thrive“.

Sacred Geometry is the main tool to explain the models of metaphysics.

Spirituality meets Science

I found Sacred Geometry quite fascinating as I was familiar with some of its terms from Yoga, such as “chakras”.  I was reading many books about expanding consciousness, but I never got into the technical perspective of these subjects. Suddenly, I was faced with math and logic.

Finally, my scientific background wasn’t for nothing!

Thinking very “logical” turned out to be quite handy to reach the main goal: unify science with spirituality and explaining how the world works from the models of metaphysics.

Teaching Sacred Geometry in weekly Workshops

In order to reach the right audience and figuring out a way to teach these models, we started to offer weekly art workshops, lasting throughout the season. Here, people would create Sacred Geometric forms with a compass and a straight edge.  In the process of drawing these sacred designs, we explained their metaphysical meaning; from scientific models to religious metaphors. In the end, everybody would color their design and take it home. This was an interesting learning method as many just loved to do art. Especially the kids had a lot of fun! Most people left in astonishment with the new gained knowledge.


A successful season ends

Goa turned out to be the perfect place for us to start this business, being in a big expat community and the huge yoga scene. We lived in a very cheap small house in the local fishing village (Colomb beach), where we did most of our online work (Gwave broadband internet). Almost all our musician friends lived nearby, to the beach it was a few minutes and Colin could play music at night. The only draw-backs were the light-outs every other day and the increasing heat starting in march.

Nevertheless, in 6 months we were quite efficient, we had the website running, finished our first pocket book and established our Sacred Geometry Workshops.

In 2 Infinity goes Europe

Next step will be to establish these Workshops in Europe, starting with the festival scene in UK. The next pocket book is drafted already and in the winter we will be back in Goa to continue our project.

I think these were a few important steps into the right direction.

Looking forward to this new adventure.

Buy the book here.

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Wow, das klingt alles ziemlich spannend und einzigartig! Ich wünsche euch viel Erfolg bei dem Projekt. Da meine Schwester gerne zeichnet und ich mich für den Metaphysischen Aspekt interessiere, werde ich gleich mal das Pocket Buch bestellen. 🙂 Liebe Grüße, Sylvia

Hi, I teach and practice sacred geometry and alchemy. I would like to partner with you.
Look forward.

Hello there, great to get connected to like-minded people. Please visit our website for the project and contact us via mail:

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