long flight back home

I had been away for 9 months traveling India, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia. My Australian visa was valid for another 8 months. But my plans changed when I obtained a job offer in Greece. So I decided to take it and fly back to Frankfurt/Germany for a short visit.

When I got back to my parents house, I immediately got sick. Remarkably, I haven’t been sick since I left Germany. A very heavy cold got me laying in bed for two days. I bet my body was so relieved to be back (especial after the prawns fishing job), the immune system just shut down.

After recovery, I got through intensive 10 days. I met again with Miserable Man and accompanied his two Gigs in Germany. We drove to Nürtingen/Stuttgart where he performed with Dreiblatt, a german Hip Hop Band. The next day he performed at Fräulein Grüneis in Munich, a very nice kiosk in the english garden.

MM Live in Nurtingen, Germany.

Here's a short clip from my first gig in Germany ever: it was great to play (and sweat) at the Provisorium Nürtingen, especially with the energizing support of Dreiblatt and the dangerous 2 bottles of Club Mate i've drunk, that didn't let sleep for a minute that night!

Posted by Miserable Man on Tuesday, July 7, 2015


It was nice to see friends and family again after such an intensive time. But you always realize, nothing really changed back home.

And everyone asks: So, what are you up to next? When are you going to be back in your real job?

I couldn’t even think about being in a 9 to 5 job, still too many other things I was interested in. So I shrugged my shoulders and told them: “Well, I will be going to Greece to work as a kite instructor and then, who knows?”

I was departing from Munich and flew to Limnos Island where I was going to be working for Siroko Windsurf & Kite Center from July to September.


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