From North of India to the South: Hello Goa!

I left Rishikesh with my dear new friend Brianna (who looks like a mix of young Winona Ryder and Drew Barrymore) very early in the morning. Unfortunately, it was then when I forgot my bag with all my important IDs.

Another "see you soon"!

Another “see you soon”!

Due to this, I postponed my flight to Goa. She also had to cancel her flight to Australia since she got food poisoning. But luckily, she got better and went home safe, where I travelled to Goa and received all my stuff a few weeks later by mail. Thanks to the honest people working in the hotel!

Art Scene in North Goa

Miriam Strehlau

Art Café Parra: Super nice place to have lunch and shop some unique clothes!

I had a great time staying at the Art Cafe Parra which I would call a secret spot in the Artsy Scene there, because it is also hard to find (nice review here). But once you get there you wouldn’t be disappointed! It serves very good organic food, offers nice chill out zones and some special events every other day. But most importantly you’re sitting right in the working space of the amazing creative fashion and interior designer Miriam Strehlau who is of course also the owner of that place. I have met her in Germany some months ago. She is german and lives in India for a couple of years already to make a living out of her clothes and the Cafe. I really like her work, especially the clothes: very colorful, hip and quite good quality.

Miriam Strehlau Fashion

meeting Miriam Strehlau and her super nice clothes.

I know I shouldn’t have -since I am living as a minimalist now- but I couldn’t resist to buy one of her batik tops.

I have to say thanks to her artsy friend Tina Fosse again for letting me stay in her wonderful heavenly place, which fits my taste perfectly (all pink and light blue, nice Art work and a place with a lot of love for detail). She rents out her rooms to finance the place, and I definitely have to recommend her rooms if you are staying there for a while!

Accommodation in Parra

Heavenly place of Tina Fosse


South Goa – feels like real vacation

After a few days in the Art Scene of North Goa I travelled down South to Patnem Beach (close to Palolem beach).

Here, I found quietness….and I truly lost myself chilling at the beach, doing some Yoga at Deepak Kappala, hanging around with some familiar faces, Diana and Zac from the Yoga Ashram. I stayed at the Lotus Oasis Beach Huts Resort, a very cheap place with nice and simple bamboo huts directly on the beach. The owner Manav, is a very cool guy and I felt very comfy there. If you don’t mind open space and some young folks and music events you should definitely go there! Anyway, if you would like to know whats going on in South Goa “Goa Music Collective” is a good site to get all the info.

Being a groupie for a while

Music Goa

Colin Power supported by Miserable Man

One day we went to a Gig of Miserable Man and Colin Power and I totally felt the vibe of their music. Since Diana knew Colin from her last stay, we all started to hang out. That came also quite easy since they were also living and playing at Lotus Resort. We had very good connection to the two boys, one very smart, playing harmonic games and great knowledge of Sacred Geometry (man you wouldn’t guess!) and the other one so French looking, very British, Hindi speaking Italian with very distinctive Jamaican vibes.

Colin Power South Goa

Colin Power playing some Funk, Acoustic Jazz, Blues and Latin

Miserable Man Music

Miserable Man playing Ska, Reggae and Popsteady

After Diana and Zac left I was feeling like a groupie supporting the two solo artists however I could (accompaning all their gigs and helping to carry their luggage). And one day I was standing on stage myself as part of a gig with the whole band. Well, my part was not so important for the music since I cannot sing, instead I was playing/shaking the “eggs“. Even that is quite hard if you don’t know how to play anything! But most importantly I supported them visually: I was doing all the dance I could (for 2 hours straight!). That was some fun! I even got recognized by my dance style: it was Dominique from the Yoga Ashram who was also there by coincidence. How little india is! In fact after that Gig, I was recognized as the „dancer“ by some people again. Dang, yes, I could do that for a while!

Last days in India

Goofying around at Goa airport with my new "bro" Thomas

Goofying around at Goa airport with my new “bro” Thomas

Another friend of mine also came down to hang with us, Thomas Jakel, whom I just met at the digital nomads conference „DNX“ in Berlin in October this year. He looks and behaves quite similar to my brother, I guess that’s why I really have a great time hanging out with him…;-)  We chilled all together for a few days until Thomas and me left Goa to fly to Mumbai. I also accompanied him to Pune for a day, where he went off for a shoot for his project GUTS FOR CHANGE and I got to see an old school friend of mine Steffen Grimm for a lunch talk who was there for a business trip. It was some extra time I invested to go to Pune from Mumbai and back, but it was worth it.


My old schoolmate Steffen and me having lunch at the german bakery in Pune

I left India with a very delighted heart. I fell in love with the Indian kindness, the culture, and the food. And for now it is „goodbye India“, but I will come back again to see more of this huge country and get some more inspiration, more Yoga and more enlightenment…:-)


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