“A Mano A Mano” is a NGO Project supporting the kids from the slums of Nimtalla, Kolkata. We visited Marta, the heart and head of the project. She is this tiny, fragile person with an incredible power and love for the kids.

We visited Marta and the slum for a couple of days when we went to Kolkata. Miserable Man brought his guitar and I danced for the kids. It was great fun, also to see many other volunteers helping and playing with them, also giving medical treatments.

I have to say, it is hard not to get overwhelmed. You feel the love they give you. They do not see any boundaries, they jump all over you, hugging you, smiling at you…and this happens maybe after 2 minutes you meet them.

Marta created a place for them to come and play everyday, away from the slum and their families. It is great to see the kids so happy, full of energy. In the documentary Postcards from India you will see the work of Marta and the help she receives from Miserable Man. It is great to see a small project like this one being successful, growing with reason and giving the kids the right amount of support.

Marta believes: “It is important that they get to have a choice…you give support to the kids that want to change.”

If you feel like volunteering, I think this is an amazing place to do so. For information and donations:

Check official website: A MANO A MANO (Drops in the Ocean)

A MANO A MANO Facebook


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Very good initiative.

Lovely, they are really doing great for the Kids of Kolkata.

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