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Posted by hikabee | 28. April 2017
Goa – the beginning of In 2 infinity

It was my third time in Goa. The first time, I stayed 2 weeks, the second 2 months and now it was going to be half a year.  (more…)

Posted by hikabee | 10. December 2015
“A MANO A MANO” – Kids of Kolkata

"A Mano A Mano" is a NGO Project supporting the kids from the slums of Nimtalla, Kolkata. We visited Marta, the heart and head of the project. She is this...

Hikabee/ Postcards from india
Posted by hikabee | 1. December 2015
Postcards from India – the documentary

For about 6 weeks I had been working on the first Miserable Man documentary. This documentary shows the busker's life of musician Miserable Man and his encounters in india. The...

Posted by hikabee | 2. November 2015
Kolkata – back to the middle ages

If you could see the run-down world of the future, how would you imagine it to be? What I've seen in Kolkata/India comes pretty close to my imagination.   (more…)

Posted by hikabee | 28. October 2015
A glance of old Sukhothai

Foto by Miserable Man There are no words to describe the feeling you get walking through the ruins of a lost time. Sit and meditate. (more…)

Posted by hikabee | 25. October 2015
Holidays in Pai

Photo by Miserable Man For about two weeks I finally had some proper vacation. By that I mean, I stay in one place, I get a daily routine and go for...

Posted by hikabee | 10. October 2015
Sawadikap! In Bangkok with my travel guide

Foto by Miserable Man What to do in this vibrant city? Thank god I don't even have to think about that. My personal travel guide made the best out of the...

Posted by hikabee | 26. September 2015
Italy – it’s all about food!

Photo by Miserable Man "Delizioso, Buonissimo!" Only Italians can talk about more food while eating.  (more…)

Posted by hikabee | 10. August 2015
As a Kitesurf Instructor in Greece

Welcome to Greece - my home for three months. Back to kitesurfing and teaching. Back to the beach life.  (more…)

Posted by hikabee | 10. July 2015
Coming back to Germany

I had been away for 9 months traveling India, Philippines, Indonesia and Australia. (more…)

Posted by hikabee | 26. June 2015
75 days on a Prawns Traveller

These are my entries from Facebook starting day 6. (more…)

Posted by hikabee | 25. April 2015
Prawns fishing as a backpacker job – some facts

What you should know about prawns fishing: (more…)

Posted by hikabee | 8. April 2015
Start of the banana prawns season

When I reconstitute the first week of the season I have to say that it probably was the worst week of my life. It feels like a big blur to...

Posted by hikabee | 1. April 2015
A job on a prawns boat – my first impression

From paradise to ... prawns fishing. (more…)

Posted by hikabee | 25. February 2015
Hi, I’m Boracay!

I’m probably the most known place in the Philippines. (more…)